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Speaking Program February 14th - March 7th, 2023 (3-wks)

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The overview:

Speaking is something you have to practice. But not the way you think.

This 3-week speaking program will help you get more fluent and confident one day at a time - by immersing you in authentic materials through reading, listening, and daily speaking practice. You’ll practice grammar in a context daily so that you can get into the habit of using it correctly! 

You’ll have the opportunity to get encouraging and specific feedback so you stay motivated and keep improving. You’ll learn to notice your own mistakes so that you can keep improving on your own even after the 3-wk program.

The program is asynchronous. What does that mean? You will complete your assignments from the comfort of your home at your own pace without scheduled 1:1 time. You will be able to practice for short periods of time whenever you want every day. 

The speaking program for February is…

Standout Memories: Talking About the Past

I created this topic to help you improve your accuracy in speaking. You’ll answer prompts about memories in your life so that you can practice correct verb tenses in English to speak clearly. I believe that mastering the past tenses in English will help others understand you better and give you more confidence to speak with ease. You’ll receive encouraging and specific feedback from me about how to improve your clarity.

How does it work?

You will record yourself answering prompts that I’ve curated for you. You will answer two prompts per week during your own time. I believe that this is a natural way to practice listening and speaking in real life compared to studying English from a textbook. 

Goals of the program:

  • Practice using the correct verb tenses in English to talk about something meaningful to you and relevant in your life.
  • Improve your accuracy in speaking because recording yourself will give you time to think.
  • Become more effective at noticing your mistakes and self-correcting because you’ll have the chance to listen to your recordings and re-record.

Who is this program for:

The feedback in this program is personalized to your level, so all levels are welcome in the program. However, the majority of the students in the group will be at an intermediate or advanced level. I will give you material to listen to, and these materials will be at an intermediate + level. If you struggle to understand the material, I can adjust the speaking prompts and listening material to meet your needs.

Tools and resources we'll be using:

  • A workbook with weekly prompts, templates, and space to take notes. You'll receive the workbook by email a few days before the program start date.
  • WhatsApp app
  • Soundcloud playlist for all prompt examples.
  • Video and/or blog posts for specific prompts.

Weekly tasks:

  • 2 prompts per week. You'll send your voice recordings to me directly via WhatsApp. Your recordings should be 1-3 minutes. No longer!
  • Use your workbook. Print it out and use it for notes.
  • Spend some time in our group to connect with others.
  • Time frame: This depends on your level. Intermediate/advanced students will spend 1-3 hours per week. Beginner students will spend 2-5 hours per week

Schedule: The program start date is February 14th and the first assignment is due on February 17th, 2023.

Sample schedule:

More details about the program:

  • Dates: February 14th - February 7th, 2023
  • Personalized audio coaching for 3 weeks.
  • Voice chats + group chat (we’ll be using WhatsApp).
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1 workbook with weekly prompts and sample answers & extra listening/reading materials to inspire you.


Speaking Program February 14th - March 7th, 2023 (3-wks)

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