Audio Course: How to Build Confidence as a Non-native Speaker

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An Audio Course for U.S. Immigrants

Do you want to improve your speaking in English but you feel stuck?

Have you lost your motivation to continue working on English?

Do you struggle with low confidence? Do you doubt yourself when you speak?

When we try to improve our speaking and confidence, it’s very easy to approach improving English from the surface. We worry about grammar, our accent, the materials we choose to study, the amount of lessons we take per week, etc. But I’ve learned that these things aren’t our biggest problems. 

Lack of confidence to speak English gets in the way of our learning. This is why we must shift our thinking.

I’ve created this course to help you shift your mindset. You might discover that your beliefs and actions are holding you back. I believe that working on your “mindset” is the most important thing you can do to improve your speaking.

So if you’re ready to improve your speaking faster, stay motivated, and build confidence this audio course is for you.

What’s inside the course?

• Five audio downloads to help you shift your mindset and overcome your fears and doubts.

• 30-page workbook to help you practice what you learned.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Audio 1: How to overcome the one thing that is holding you back.
  • Audio 2: How to find your own study rhythm and stay motivated.
  • Audio 3: How and why you need to be taking small risks to build confidence.
  • Audio 4: How to start building confidence and quit waiting for it to appear.
  • Audio 5: How to track your progress and celebrate your wins.

All this content is in audio format followed by actionable worksheets. I've included transcripts for all of the audio tracks. You will work through the audio course at your own pace. Typically students will spend 1- 3 weeks going through the course and taking action in their life.

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Includes: 5 audio downloads, 30-page workbook with exercises and audio transcripts.

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Audio Course: How to Build Confidence as a Non-native Speaker

2 ratings
I want this!